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Instrumental Music Tuition by Wigan Music Service

We know that children and families are already very busy and that for some, the cost of lessons is a concern. That’s why we provide lessons in school and at a really affordable price. We’ve been working with almost every school in the borough for over 25 years!

We are Wigan Council’s Music Service and we are passionate about music education and how it can benefit your child.

Which Instrument and how much does it cost?

We provide tuition on almost every musical instrument!

• Orchestral Strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass)
• Brass (trumpet, trombone, cornet, tenor horn, French horn, euphonium, baritone, tuba)
• Woodwind (flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon)
• Recorder
• Orchestral Percussion (snare drum, xylophone)
• Piano/Keyboard
• Guitar
• Voice
• Drum Kit (available where a kit is available in school)

Good to know…

• You are never too old to start to learn to play
• Usually, lessons take place during the school day at times agreed with school.
• Most beginner pupils learn to play in groups of two or three pupils but you can pay more for an individual lesson if you want to.
• Costs can vary a little from school to school, but it’s normally in the region of £5.50 per week for a group lesson.
• Need help with the cost of lessons? If you are in circumstances of hardship, our Assisted Tuition Scheme might be able to help.

You don’t need to buy an instrument!

It’s more sensible (and usually much cheaper) to hire an instrument to start with. We can’t hire out electronic keyboards, pianos or drum kits (you will have to make your own arrangements for these) but for everything else, we run a hire scheme to help you to get your hands on exactly the right instrument for your child. (Subject to availability.)

It costs from as little as £42 per year to hire an instrument from Wigan Music Service (that’s just 81p per week!). For full details, visit and follow the link to Musical Instrument Hire. You’ll find everything you need to know right there including information about our Assisted Purchase Scheme which can help you if you do wish to purchase your own instrument.

You don’t need to sort out your instrument before your first lesson. Lesson one is all about working with the teacher to select exactly the right instrument and work out the size which is best for your child. Your child will come home with details of the instrument they need and how to order and collect it from our music centre in Hindley ready for lesson two.

What should I do now?

Check out our inspiring short film here. Alternatively, search for us on YouTube or find it on our Instrumental and Vocal Lessons page at

Ready to give it a go? Great…

• Complete the reply form below and return to your school office within seven days. School will contact you once the lessons have been scheduled (this might be at the beginning of a new term if you are signing up before the school holidays).
• School will take responsibility for the collection of lesson fees and will communicate with you about payment arrangements. You will deal directly with the music service if you require instrument hire.

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