Chemistry A Level

Level Three
Exam Board: OCR
Assessment: 100% Examination, Separate Practical Endorsement

Course Content
Module 1 – Development of practical skills in Chemistry
Module 2 – Foundations in Chemistry
Module 3 – Periodic table and energy
Module 4 – Core organic Chemistry
Module 5 – Physical Chemistry and transition elements
Module 6 – Organic Chemistry and analysis

Why Study Chemistry?

  • ….Employability and University applications Chemistry qualifications are highly regarded by employers and universities
  • —-Understanding how things work. Makes life’s little mysteries a little less…. mysterious. Chemistry explains how things work.
  • —-Developing skills. Chemistry teaches useful skills. Learning chemistry means learning how to be objective and how to reason and solve problems.
  • —- It’s Interesting! Lots of fun experiments, and not just ones that go boom!

Why choose The Deanery?

Here at the Deanery our specialist chemistry team are highly experienced and fully committed to ensuring the success of our students. Our laboratories are fully equipped with all the specialised equipment needed to enhance your lab skills and pursue an A level in chemistry.

Our small class sizes ensure students get individualised teaching from staff and are fully supported, when needed, in their studies. Having a small class also ensures that lots of exciting practical work can be done.

Our students say that it is a demanding but interesting and rewarding subject to study. They say the lessons are fun; the teachers are friendly and also like the small class sizes. They all appreciate that this makes it much easier to get help from teachers if you don’t understand something first time. They also love carrying out all the experiments!

Many of our students pursue a degree in chemistry, with recent destinations including Manchester, Leeds and Bangor universities. The practical skills acquired during their A level studies fully equip them for the demanding level of work they will be undertaking there.

What could this subject lead to?

Chemistry opens up career options. You could use chemistry in most fields, but it’s commonly seen in the sciences, forensics, engineering and in medicine. A Level Chemistry is compulsory to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary sciences.

Chemistry is a core subject that takes you wherever you want to go in science, and there are many careers in chemistry.  However, even if you choose to pursue a job in another field the skills you will acquire allow you to be analytical and logical. These skills are highly desirable to all employers, because they are essential for most careers.