Our Story

A school with a church foundation has existed on this site for 87 years. In 1932, All Saints Senior Church School was founded for the ‘nurture of the hearts and minds of children’ in Wigan.  In 1971, All Saints School, alongside St Mark’s Boys’ School and St Matthew’s Girls’ School, closed to allow the formation of a new high school.  For the last 48 years, The Deanery Church of England High School has honoured that rich legacy and has been a beacon of distinctive Christian education for generations. Our school sits in the heart of Wigan and serves young people and families from every parish of the town.

Our Vision and Mission

To provide an education for life, enabling all of our school community to flourish and live life to the full.

Our 10 Core Beliefs

An education that promotes ‘flourishing’ and ‘life in all its fullness’ means…

  1. We nurture young people in body, mind and spirit, recognising that there is a spiritual dimension to the fullness of life.
  2. We promote a culture of academic excellence and the highest expectations, set firmly within a guiding framework of lived and visible Christian values, beliefs and practices.
  3. We promote positive wellbeing, ethical living and good character development equally alongside academic progress, enabling young people to be leaders of positive change and hope in the world.
  4. We recognise the importance of the development of wisdom and understanding alongside knowledge and cultural capital.
  5. We see all young people as individuals, recognising their unique God-given talents, potential and purpose and seeking to nurture these through a rich, deep and horizon-broadening curriculum.
  6. We recognise that our school exists within an ecosystem of families, communities, parishes, our shared planet and the common good and that, through education, we are reshaping the communities we serve and building God’s kingdom.
  7. That all pupils can and should flourish; we are unapologetically ambitious and aspirational for all pupils because we believe in their potential.
  8. That, whilst we put the flourishing of pupils first, for this to be achieved we must have flourishing adults, reflected in the wellbeing of our staff.
  9. That, within our Christian ethos, we welcome those of the Christian faith alongside those of other faiths and those of no faith.
  10. That our distinctive Christian identity, ethos and values drive our culture, policies and practices.

Our Core Values

Faith, Hope, Love, Wisdom, Courage and Integrity

Our Mantra

Work Hard, Be Kind, Make a Difference

“To provide an education for life, enabling all of our school community to flourish and live life to the full.”