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Aims of the subject:

To develop performance skills, nurture a love of the theatre and become more critically aware of the elements of Drama.

GCSE Examination Board: Pearson

Assessment Overview:

  • Component One:  Devising plays (40% of overall qualification, internally marked and externally moderated)
  • Component Two:  Performance from Text (20% of overall qualification, performed to a visiting examiner)
  • Component Three:  Theatre makers in Practice (40% of overall qualification, written examination)


Year What will I learn? Assessment
10 How to devise practically from a stimulus.  We will explore genre, style and form, work on developing structure and rehearse and refine performances.  Theatre Practitioners including Bertolt Brecht, Konstantin Stanislavski, Antonin Artaud and Joan Littlewood will be studied practically alongside the work of influential theatre companies such as DV8, Kneehigh, Frantic Assembly and Quantic Movement.

We will also study the set text and see as much live theatre as possible in preparation for the written examination.  Practical assessment can be completed as a performer or performance support (Lighting, sound, set design, lighting, costume design)

We will explore the connotations of different lighting states and sound effects as well as how the style and genre of a performance can affect its performance and design.

This first year is designed to give you a toolkit of skills in order to be able to create, perform/design and evaluate.  The written work and research prepares you for the final examination and portfolio.

The Devised performance will be assessed towards the end of y.10.  It will be accompanied by a portfolio outlining, justifying and evaluating creative decisions.

Summer term mock examination

The Assessment Objectives are used throughout the course in years 10 and 11, to help students understand the requirements of the exam board and how they can / are meeting them.


11 Deepening understanding of the set text from the following perspectives:

  • a performer
  • lighting designer
  • sound designer
  • set designer
  • costume designer

We will focus on written examination technique including use of subject specific terminology and timing as well as command words.

For performance from text, a contrasting play to the set text for unit 3 will be selected and extracts prepared, rehearsed and refined with a focus on performance skills such as vocal expression, gesture, proxemics etc. Or, a design skill may be selected with the emphasis on enhancing the performance for the audience and fulfilling a clear design role, for example, non-naturalistic lighting.

Winter term mock examinations

External assessment of performance from text (examination window: January-March)

Final examination


Extra-curricular opportunities:

Wednesday lunchtime and after school revision sessions as well as coursework clinic via the sign-up sheet on the studio door.  Visits to live theatre/visiting companies ‘in house’

How you can support your child’s progress: 

By its practical nature, Drama will often require your son/daughter to take part in rehearsals after school, please support this where you can.  There are also revision guides available which are invaluable in preparation for the written examination.

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