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Mr M Wood

Senior Leadership Team
Mrs A Friend- Deputy Headteacher
Ms C Parker- Deputy Headteacher
Mrs L Turner- Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J Abbey- Assistant Headteacher
Miss E Hart- Assistant Headteacher
Miss E Kirby- Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K O’Brien- Assistant Headteacher
Mr M Smith- Assistant Headteacher
Mr D Tobin- Assistant Headteacher
Mrs C Codling- Business Manager

Miss E Hart -Mrs L Quirk (Acting)

Year 11
Mr K Ratcliffe- Senior Progress Leader
Ms H Stockley- Head of Year

Year 10
Mr N Walsh- Senior Progress Leader
Mrs A Storey- Head of Year

Year 9
Miss M Cunningham- Senior Progress Leader
Mrs L Mayor- Head of Year

Year 8
Mrs N Thomas- Senior Progress Leader
Mrs K McDonough- Head of Year

Year 7
Mr P Lindley- Senior Progress Leader
Mrs K Boardman- Head of Year

Staff List 2023/24

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