English Language A Level

Level Three
Exam Board: AQA
Assessment: AS 100% Exam, A2 80% Exam and 20% Coursework

Course Content

English Language AS:

  • Textual Variations and Representations
  • Language Diversity
  • Writing Skills

English Language A2:

  • Children’s Language Development
  • Language Diversity and Change
  • Language Discourses
  • Original Writing and Language investigation (coursework)

Why Study English Language?

  1. If you like to analyse, English Language is for you. Across the two years, you will analyse a huge variety of texts from travel writing to dramatic monologues to political speeches.
  2. When completing your coursework for English Language A level, this allows you to do original writing where you will create a text of your own choice.
  3. You learn a whole new language for which to analyse language – known as meta-language. Very close analysis of the components and structure of language is encouraged on this course.
  4. An enjoyment and appreciation of language will give you an ability to develop this into an interest in books and reading, thus improving your information retrieval skills for other subjects.
  5. Through studying English Language, this can support your other subject choices. You study aspects of language such as vocabulary items but also that language can be adapted depending on the audience, purpose and form.

Why choose The Deanery?

  • Small class sizes help your teachers support you.
  • Very friendly teachers who are always willing to help.
  • Central location for travel from all areas.
  • Outstanding pastoral care.
  • The Deanery 6th Form is like a family: supportive, nurturing and caring.
  • Teachers are all qualified and experienced, with many being examiners for the English Language specification.

What could this subject lead to?

This course could lead the way and support applications for a variety of University courses and careers, such as English, Linguistics, Creative Writing, Marketing, Journalism, Media, Teaching, Editing, Law, Psychology, and History amongst others.