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Creative iMedia Level 1/2 Certificate

Aims of the subject:

To provide pupils with a hands-on learning experience equipping them with the skills to produce fit-for-purpose creative media products.

GCSE Examination Board: OCR

Assessment Overview:

The course is assessed through two mandatory units and two optional units. The first mandatory unit (R081  – Pre- production skills) is a 60 mark written paper set by OCR and marked externally. The second mandatory unit (R082 – Creating digital graphics) is a 10 hour centre assessed task completed during lesson time. Both mandatory units will be completed during Y10 with a further two optional units to be completed during Y11.


Year What will I learn? Assessment
10 Term 1

Pre-production skills. This unit will prepare students for the first written exam to be sat in January. This unit provides students with the skills to prepare media products for example through the use of mood boards, research and knowledge of the hardware, software and file types that are available to be used.


Term 2
Creating digital graphics. Students will investigate the purpose, client requirements and target audience for the products to be produced. Students will practice their skills in preparation to create their media product.


Term 3
Creating digital graphics. Students will apply the skills that they have gained from term 2 and apply these to produce a fit-for-purpose creative media product for their R082 assessment.

Topic assessments based upon past paper questions marked using OCR mark schemes.


External exam – January.


Assessment of practical skills through the assessment of digital products produced using OCR provided assessment criteria.

11 You will study two of the following units during year 11.

·         Creating 2D and 3D digital characters

·         Storytelling with a comic strip

·         Creating a multipage website

·         Creating a digital animation

·         Creating interactive multimedia products

·         Creating a digital sound or video sequence

·         Digital photography

·         Designing a game concept

·         Developing digital games

Assessment of practical skills through the assessment of digital products produced using OCR provided assessment criteria.

Extra-curricular opportunities

The Computing & Business Faculty run additional sessions each week to give all GCSE students access to equipment and materials when doing homework tasks and/or catching up with work and meeting deadlines.  This is especially important when formal deadlines are set for assessed pieces of work.

How you can support your child’s progress

Please be aware that students will be given homework tasks, all of which are an important element of the course. We would be grateful if you could support your child when completing these and bringing them into school on time for the deadlines. There will also be regular assessments and we would ask parents to ensure their child revises all work thoroughly for all assessments so that we can get an accurate picture of each pupil’s progress.  A minimal amount of equipment will be needed at home but it is important that pupils have access to a PC with Internet access to complete any required research.

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