Extended Project Qualification

EPQ stands for Extended Project Qualification. It is an accredited course, equivalent to about the size of an AS qualification and is graded A* to E.  You will choose an area of interest, write the aims and title of the project and have this formally approved by the centre before beginning the project. You will need to plan, research and carry out the project, deliver a presentation to a specified audience and provide evidence of all stages of project development and production for assessment. The final ‘product’ may be either a 5000 word research-based report or an ‘artefact’ e.g. a piece of art, a computer game or a realised design. Artefacts must be supported by a 1000 word research-based written report. Part of the qualification involves keeping a ‘production log’. Completion of the project involves 120 Guided Learning Hours:

  • 30 hours are ‘taught’ sessions during College Enhancement time
  • 30 hours are completed as independent study within College Enhancement time
  • 60 hours must be completed independently, outside college hours (roughly 2 hours per week)

Top Reasons

You will develop a whole range of employability skills, including critical thinking, time-management, academic writing and independent learning. More and more universities are welcoming the EPQ as an indicator of realised skills and potential ability in the fiercely competitive arena of entrant selection!

Why Choose The Deanery?

Freedom: You have the freedom to select your own topic area to research- this can be completely different to any of your current subjects

Support and Guidance:  you will be assigned a supervisor and have contact with the supervisor for two hours each week

Excellent achievement: 2018 pass rates:

A*-A 60%           A*-B 100%

What will your Project be?!

What could this subject lead to?

Since the EPQ can be based on any topic area, it can relate to many different career routes. It is widely recognised by universities, and if completed along with Maths and a Vocational Qualification, students achieve a Technical Baccalaureate.


“They are planted in the house of the Lord; they flourish in the courts of our God”

Psalm 92:13