Sociology A Level

Level 3
Exam Board: AQA
Assessment: 100% exam

Course Content

Year 1

Education with Methods in Context
Research Methods and Families and Households

Year 2

Education with Theory and Methods
Families and Households
The Media
Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods


Why Study Sociology?

  • 100% Pass rate!
  • Subject specialist teacher.
  • Enrichment opportunities- Trips abroad.
  • Small class size.
  • Fun learning environment.

Why choose The Deanery?

Have you ever wondered?

  • What fuels our apparent fixation with celebrity?
  • Why is the number of years you can expect to live still associated with your occupation?
  • What kinds of spiritual faith do people have in Britain today?
  • How far do the media affect how personal lifestyle choices are viewed by wider society?

If so then studying Sociology at the Deanery is for you.

Here we will explore current issues and debates about global issues like the environment, migration and ‘globalization’ itself, in a friendly and supportive environment.

The class sizes are small so you can get the most from your subject specialist teacher, in a Sixth Form with a 100% pass rate!

What could this subject lead to?

People who study sociology go on into a wide variety of jobs. You will gain a range of very valuable skills. You will learn how to work independently. You will learn how to find information, extract what is important from it. You will learn to work in collaboration with others, but also how to work effectively without close supervision.  Most students go onto University after studying Sociology. A degree in Sociology can lead to a variety of career avenues including social work, policing, research post graduate opportunities, teaching.