Psychology A Level

Level 3
Exam Board: AQA
Assessment: 100% examination (2 exams at AS Level and 3 exams at A Level)

Course Content


Paper 1: Social Influence, Memory, Attachment
Paper 2: Research methods, Psychopathology, Approaches

A Level

Paper 1: Social Influence, Memory, Attachment, Psychopathology
Paper 2: Research methods, Approaches, Biopsychology
Paper 3: Relationships, Forensics, Eating Behaviour, Issues and Debates


Why Study Psychology?

  • Interesting and unique topics like Forensic Psychology and Abnormality
  • The chance to learn new things about yourself and carry out experiments!
  • Excellent University or career pathways
  • Encourages empathy and people skills
  • Develop higher level thinking and excellent observational skills.

Why choose The Deanery?

  • 100% A Level Pass Rate – above the national average.
  • Specialist Psychology teacher who is also an experienced A Level Psychology examiner.
  • Designated Psychology classroom.
  • Small class sizes allows the subject to be more practical – we like to encourage as many experiments as possible!
  • Lots of extracurricular trips e.g. Krakow – 3 days in Poland and a visit to Auschwitz concentration camp, Grasmere Residential – focusing on exam skills, Preston Crown Court, University visits.

Our Students Say

“Brilliant – I never knew my brain was so interesting!” – Josh L6

“Love doing experiments and being able to apply Psychology to my own life” – Anna U6

What could this subject lead to?

  • Higher Education
  • Any career working with people
  • Careers in Psychology, Medicine, Healthcare, Nursing, Teaching, Police, Sport, Science, Research, Business, Counselling, and many more!