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Pearson BTEC Tech Award in Child Development Level 1/Level 2

Aims of the subject:

This course provides opportunities for learners to develop knowledge, understanding and a range of skills if considering a career in the children’s care sector such as children’s nursing, primary teaching, Early Years Practitioner or teaching assistant in the future. It provides a good progression route to more advanced Childcare qualifications in our 6th form.

GCSE Examination Board: Pearson

Assessment Overview:

This is a 2 year course with 3 components to be studied. Component one and two are internally assessed via coursework while Component 3 is assessed an externally set and marked exam and completed under supervised conditions.


Year What will I learn? Assessment
10 Component 1 Children’s Growth and Development

You will investigate growth and development for children from birth to five years old. You will study the characteristics of children’s development from birth to five years old. You will also explore factors that affect growth and development such as genetic factors, prematurity, chronic or life limiting illness, environmental and socioeconomic factors such as income and poverty.

Assessment for Component 1 is by internally assessed coursework.
11 Component 2 Learning Through Play

You will develop an understanding of how play activities can influence children’s learning between the ages of birth and five years old. You will also consider the different types of play in which children engage, and how activities can support children’s learning and progress across the five areas of development.

Component 3: Supporting Children to Play, Learn and Develop

This component builds on your knowledge, understanding and skills acquired and developed in Components 1 and 2. You will investigate how a child learns and develops and adapt activities to support the inclusion of all children in play for learning and development.


Assessment for Component 2 is by internally assessed coursework.

Assessment for Component 3 is by an externally set and marked exam and completed under supervised conditions.


Extra-curricular opportunities

After school coursework catch-up sessions are offered throughout the course.

How you can support your child’s progress

Please be aware that students will always have coursework tasks, all of which are an important element of the course. We would be grateful if you could support your child when completing these and bringing them into school on time for the deadlines.

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