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We want all our pupils to enjoy STEM;

for their eyes to light up,

their smiles to broaden and their excitement to explode.

We want to ignite their curiosity.

We aim to provide every pupil with experiences and opportunities across the STEM subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths that build upon each other and enable them to develop as questioning, critical thinkers. In today’s technological world, it is vital that all our children have a good grounding in STEM and that we help them foster a lifelong interest in the world in which we live.

STEM Ambassadors

STEM Ambassadors are volunteers from a wide range of science, technology, engineering and mathematics related careers and disciplines. They offer their time and enthusiasm to help bring STEM subjects to life and demonstrate the value of them in life and careers. Our pupils experience STEM Ambassadors in many different ways, through assemblies, lessons, visits and online class activities.


STEM club meets each week on a Tuesday 3-4pm

It is a powerful and enjoyable way to engage our pupils in STEM subjects. It provides a platform to extend our pupils’ learning. Most importantly, STEM Club is fun and exciting, allowing all involved to explore STEM subjects in innovative and inventive ways outside the curriculum.

STEM Club pupils deliver sessions to primary schools both to those that visit us here at the Deanery and also by going out to work in the Primary school classroom.

Wigan Enthuse Partnership

We are part of the Wigan Enthuse Partnership. This is a group of five Wigan Schools that work together to inspire young people into STEM subjects and careers.

The partnership started in Summer 2019 and is a two year project. Partnerships receive £20,000 worth of support, which includes access to CPD, free resources, immersion in industry or university through teacher placements, STEM Ambassadors and enrichment activities.

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