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The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Bronze Award is offered to all year 9 pupils at the start of the year with Direct Silver being offered to the 6th form students. Once Bronze is completed Silver and Gold are offered.

There are four sections – volunteering, skill, physical and expedition. We use the services of AOA Ltd for the expedition training and assessment and for this there is a charge.

Here are some examples of the sections:

  • Volunteering – helping at brownies/cubs, assisting in a charity shop, helping a charity, litter picking, coaching.
  • Skill – playing a musical instrument, crafts including sewing and knitting, gardening, conservation, learning to drive.
  • Physical – rugby, football, athletics, attending the gym, learning a new sport, running, cycling.

More information is available at and Mrs Vaughan in school.


It will not make you any taller, but it will make you stand out from the crowd.

It will not make you better looking, but you’ll attract the right kind of attention.

It will not make you famous, but you’ll achieve star quality.

It will not get you a degree, but it gives you a whole new angle on things.

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