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KS3 Computing

Aims of the subject:

We aim to teach the fundamentals of computational thinking and computing concepts through a creative curriculum.  Pupils learn how to solve problems and communicate their ideas. Students will be introduced to a number of different skills and will make links to different aspects and areas of computing.

Pupils will learn how to speak and write about Computing, evaluate and plan for their own progress and how to solve problems using computational thinking. The main emphasis will be about enjoying the subject while developing a love and curiosity for Computing and computational thinking.

Year What will I learn? What will I do?
7 ·         Digital Literacy


·         Hardware and software


·         Scratch


·         Spreadsheets


·         Binary


·         Kodu

·         Become confident at using a computer, and know how to use it safely


·         Learn about the different parts of a computer and how everything works together


·         Be able to write computer programs using script blocks


·         Know how to use spreadsheets effectively, write formulae and display data graphically


·         Know that computers only understand binary


·         Be able to create computer games in a 3D environment

8 ·         E-Safety


·         Digital Graphics


·         Data Representation


·         Introduction to Python


·         Binary addition and Boolean logic


·         Databases and SQL


·         Pre-production Skills


·         Encryption

·         Know how to use a computer safely


·         Be able to use Fireworks to edit images



·         Understand how computers represent text, images and sound


·         Learn how to write code to create simple programs



·         Be able to add together binary numbers, and understand how logic gates work


·         Know how to use a database and how to write SQL to perform searches and add and delete database records



·         Understand the documentation used to plan and design specific media


·         Know how computers use encryption to secure data

9 ·         E-Safety


·         Algorithms


·         Photoshop


·         Python


·         Flash animation

·         Know how to use a computer safely


·         Be able to create flow charts and pseudocode for algorithms



·         Know how to use Photoshop for advanced photo editing


·         Learn how to write code and more advanced programming techniques in Python



·         Know how to use Flash to create animations


Extra-curricular opportunities

All pupils will be enrolled into the Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award at the start of year 7, progressing onto the Silver and Gold awards as they move through KS3.  This is an internationally recognised set of awards for digital literacy.  Pupils will work through the award as part of their homework time and we ask that parents support us in this process.

How you can support your child’s progress

Please be aware that pupils will be given homework tasks, all of which are an important element of the course. We would be grateful if you could support your child when completing these and bringing them into school on time for the deadlines.

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