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We give below some notes for guidance and clarification. School uniform lists can sometimes seem over detailed and over particular. Our experience is that we prevent misunderstandings by being very precise about our requirements. We do not wish parents to spend money on items we do not allow to be worn. It should be noted that not all items under ‘school uniform’ in some stores fulfil our school’s uniform requirements. The full support of parents is requested with regard to their children wearing the correct uniform.

  Acceptable Not Acceptable
Blazer Deanery blazer (Y7-Y10)

Only official badges awarded in school, a plain cross or Christian fish symbol may be worn on lapels


Please note that blazers must be worn at all times unless specific permission has been given by a member of staff for it to be taken off.

X  No blazer

X  Pushed up sleeves

X  Any garment other than school jumper and shirt underneath e.g. hoodies

Jumper Grey Deanery jumper (Y7-10) – optional

Blue Deanery jumper (Y11) – compulsory


Please note that Year 11 jumpers must be worn at all times unless specific permission has been given by a member of staff for it to be taken off.

X     Sweatshirt

X     Non regulation jumper

X     Fleece

X     Tracksuit

X     Hooded top

X     Cardigan

Trousers Plain black, smart

Tailored, straight leg

Full length

Any belts should be black with discreet buckles

X     Fashion trousers (denim / corduroy / other materials / hipsters / flares /wide bottoms/ bootlegs / skinny trousers / lycra)

X     Other fashion trousers

X     Studs, visible buttons, patch pockets or trimmings

X     Shorts

X     Stretchy material

X     Leggings

Skirts Deanery knee-length skirt (when buying please choose the correct length, with room for growth over the year) X     Rolled up skirts

X     Skirts that are too short

Shirts Plain white school shirt or blouse

Tucked in and buttoned at the neck (when choosing size, please allow for growth over the school year)

X     Casual/fashion shirt

X     Shirt worn without a tie or with tie tucked in

X     Open top button

X     Sports/hooded tops or brightly coloured garments under shirts

X     Shirts worn outside trousers

X     No revere neck shirts

Tie For both girls and boys:

Deanery clip on tie or standard tie

Badge must be showing below the knot

Shoes Traditional black, flat school shoes

Laces, soles and stitching must be black

Black shoes should be worn on the way to and from school



X     Sports shoes or sports trainers e.g. Converse, Nike, Adidas

X     Heeled shoes

X     Visible coloured soles

X     Coloured laces

X     Trainers

X     Canvas shoes

X     Students will not be allowed to attend lessons if the correct shoes are not worn in school


Socks and tights Plain grey or black socks (girls’ socks must be knee-length)

Plain black, opaque tights

X     Coloured or patterned socks or tights

X     Ankle socks

X     White socks

Hair Neat and tidy

Natural colour

If hair is long, it is essential that it is tied back for reasons of health and safety in some practical lessons (e.g. PE, Science and Art)

Hair accessories must be black, blue or grey and discreet

Hair must not cover the face

X     Extremes of style (school reserves the right to decide what is extreme but invites students and parents to ask in advance if they need guidance)

X     Tram lines, asymmetric styles or other shaved styles

X     Unnatural colour and two-tone colour

X     Hair extensions

X     ‘Barcodes’ in eyebrows or shaved eyebrows

X     Very short hair – hair must not be shaved shorter than a number 2 (i.e. no number 1 cuts)

X     Facial hair is not permitted, e.g. long sideburns, beards or moustaches.  Pupils should be clean-shaven

Make-up X     Make up of any kind

X     Nail varnish

X     Artificial nails and nail extensions

X     False eyelashes

X     Tinted eyebrows

X     Fake tan

X     Tattoos of any kind (including henna tattoos)

X     Nail gel

Jewellery One wristwatch X     Any jewellery other than one wristwatch

X     Smartwatches (for reasons of security, safeguarding and risk of theft)

X     Any facial or body piercing (pupils will be instructed to remove piercings)

X     No accessories to be worn around the neck or attached to clothing

PE Kit Boys:


Deanery T-shirt

Deanery Rugby Shirt

Deanery Shorts

Deanery Tracksuit bottoms OR plain black/ navy tracksuit bottoms with NO LOGO.

Navy Football Socks


Football Boots


Deanery Hoodie or Deanery ¾ Zip-top




Deanery T-shirt

Deanery leggings OR plain black/ navy thick leggings with NO LOGO.

Navy socks


Deanery Hoodie or Deanery ¾ Zip top

X     Clothing with logos

X     Hooded tops (other than the Deanery hoodie)

X     Any alternative outer layers, e.g. coats, for PE lessons

X     Socks other than regulation football socks

X     Fashion sports footwear

X     Pumps

X     Florescent laces

X     No “other” coloured tracksuit bottoms


September 2021* – we will continue to expect pupils to wear their PE Uniform on PE days.  In cold weather it is expected that boys will wear their rugby shirt or Deanery hoodie/ ¾ top and Deanery tracksuit bottoms or plain navy/ black tracksuit bottoms  for warmth and that girls will wear their Deanery hoodie/ ¾ top and Deanery leggings or plain black/ navy thick leggings.  Pupils may not wear any other type of sports clothing; this is our uniform.
Other X     Items of clothing that obscure the face or parts of the face are not allowed in school
Outer clothing Sensible plain, dark (navy blue, black or dark grey) outside coats are acceptable

Logos must be discreet

Only black, blue or grey scarves may be worn


X     Hoodies, football coats, tracksuit tops, patterns or stripes are not acceptable

X     Coats are not to be worn in lessons

X     Baseball caps are not acceptable

X     No hats are to be worn in the school buildings

X     Hoods must not be worn up in the school buildings


We cannot provide locker facilities for all students and so a good sized back pack is required for carrying books, equipment and outside coats. Fashion bags, carrier bags and drawstring kit bags are not suitable for carrying text books and school equipment.

Other subject specific requirements:

Aprons for food and technology subjects can be purchased directly from school or school uniform suppliers.

If in doubt, do not buy; please check with the school first. The school will make a final decision on any item considered unsuitable.

The school values and recognises the diversity of cultures, religions and disabilities of its students and will take a sensitive approach when this affects dress requirements. Hijabs worn for religious purposes must not cover the face. Turbans, kippahs, and headscarves are supported on religious grounds but must not compromise health and safety.