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School uniform lists can sometimes seem over detailed and over particular. Our experience is that we prevent misunderstandings by being very precise about our requirements. We do not wish parents to spend money on items we do not allow to be worn. It should be noted that not all items under ‘school uniform’ in some stores fulfil our school’s uniform requirements. The full support of parents is requested with regard to their children wearing the correct uniform.


We cannot provide locker facilities for all students and so a good sized back pack is required for carrying books, equipment and outside coats. Fashion bags, carrier bags and drawstring kit bags are not suitable for carrying text books and school equipment.

Other subject specific requirements:

Aprons for food and technology subjects can be purchased directly from school or school uniform suppliers.

If in doubt, do not buy; please check with the school first. The school will make a final decision on any item considered unsuitable.

The school values and recognises the diversity of cultures, religions and disabilities of its students and will take a sensitive approach when this affects dress requirements. Hijabs worn for religious purposes must not cover the face. Turbans, Kippahs, and headscarves are supported on religious grounds but must not compromise health and safety.

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