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Meet the Team 

At the Deanery CE High school and Sixth Form, there is an emphasis in nurturing the community in every area of their mental health and wellbeing. Significant resources and a dedicated, friendly mental health and Wellbeing Team are on hand to provide prevention, early identification, and one-to-one intervention to support pupils with mental health concerns.

(SIAMS Inspection 2021) There is a holistic approach to the wellbeing of staff and pupils, with specialist staff providing tailored support in areas of spiritual wellbeing, mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing “enabling all of the school community to flourish and live life to the full.”  We aim to support parents/carers via consultation, resources and regular communication.

You can meet the team below.

Mrs Turner

Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

I make sure that there is always someone you can turn to if you don’t feel safe, or if something doesn’t feel right. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, if you are worried about the safety of somebody it is important you tell a trusted adult in school. We can then work together to make sure that person is safe.

Mrs Diamond

School Medical and Wellbeing Officer

I look after students who are not well or who have had an accident in school. I also offer well- being sessions to students with an aim to promote emotional and mental wellbeing in school. I meet with students on a weekly basis to identify issues which may be affecting them and offer a listening ear to those who need it. I can offer time and a safe space to talk about anything that is concerning you and signpost you to additional services should you require them.

Mrs Hannam

School Counsellor & Mental Health Lead

My role involves one-to-one sessions on a regular basis. Support is pupil-led; what the pupil feels they need and is helped by a process that offers a safe, non- judgmental place to explore deeper issues, feelings or behaviours that interrupt good mental health. Issues might include self-harm, anxiety, bereavement, suicidal thoughts, self-esteem, relationships or others.

Ms Gimeno

School Counsellor

I help support the Christian ethos of the school, whilst offering pastoral support to students and staff here. I help to plan and lead collective worship, offer lunchtime and after school activities and explore ways to support and empower young people across the churches and communities of Wigan. As School Chaplain, I offer listening sessions to anyone who might need to chat about any worries, and help identify other people and places that might be able to offer help too.

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