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Why is mental wellbeing important?

Mental wellbeing is the foundation for a positive outlook on life. Although it does not mean that we are happy all the time, it does mean that we are more resilient and able to cope with life’s ups and downs.

Evidence shows that there are five key elements which contribute to mental wellbeing. Here you can read about the Five Ways to Wellbeing and find further resources to help you improve your enjoyment of life and self-confidence.

Wellbeing Activities & Guides

Please find below these engaging, informative wellbeing booklets with useful tips, activities and advice to look after your own wellbeing. The resources include:

  • Mood, thought and sleep diaries
  • Goal-setting and looking ahead
  • A future jar – of desired achievements for the summer
  • Creating a self-care plan
  • Ways to connect, give, take notice, be active and learn
  • Tips for dealing with anxious or overwhelming feelings
  • Mindfulness colouring

There is also a wealth of information including organisations, apps and website where you can go for further support included in the Self-care for summer booklet.

Summer Self Care Booklet

U Can Cope – How To Cope When Life is Difficult

My Wellbeing Challenge Booklet

Mandala Themed Mindfulness Colouring Sheets

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