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Physical Wellbeing

“Physical wellbeing is the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get the most out of our daily activities without unnecessary fatigue or physical stress.”

Our physical wellbeing is important because it allows us to do everything else. Without physical wellbeing, you cannot have mental wellbeing. Our physical wellbeing affects mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression,  and stress. It can be easy to say “I haven’t got enough time” or “I can’t be bothered” but physical wellbeing can always be improved. The decisions and actions we take affect strength, appearance, resilience, happiness, self-esteem and the ability to achieve our goals = satisfaction.

Eating Well

NHS 8 Tips for Health Living

Eating and drinking regularly

Our bodies need regular fuel. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it gives us the energy we need to set us up for the day. People who eat breakfast notice they have more energy, are more motivated, have better concentration, are less restless and that their moods are more stable. Aim to have breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks throughout the day. It’s important to stay hydrated so drink water regularly (6- 8 glasses a day).

Some people struggle to eat breakfast in the morning, if this is you – why not try a healthy smoothie instead?

What does eating well mean? 

The plate in the picture shows how to eat well. It is balanced with carbohydrates, dairy (or alternatives), protein, and fruit and vegetables. The portion sizes are also demonstrated on the plate. Fruit and vegetables and carbohydrates make up the biggest portions.


The recommended amount of daily exercise for 5 – 18 year olds is an average of 60 minutes per day. The NHS advise that this is a mixture of aerobic exercise and exercises to strengthen muscles and bones. For further information, please click here.

What type of exercise should I do? 

This link provides examples of different types of exercises. Challenging yourself to try something new is good for both the body and mind. It can improve self-esteem and help release those feel-good hormones resulting in an uplifting feeling even after the exercise has finished.

Co-curricular activities at school

The Joe Wicks School Workout

Here is an example of an introduction workout that you could try at home, in the garden or together with friends. Please make sure you warm up and follow his instructions for a safe and fun workout. This will get your heart rate pumping and your body moving.

Couch to 5km

This is a great way to start running at your own pace. The app gradually builds up to 5km. Click here.


If you prefer a more gentle form of exercise, why not give this online yoga class a try. Yoga is great for improving flexibility, co-ordination and balance.


If you are having difficulty trying to get to sleep or stay asleep, try to apply the following sleep tips.

How to get to sleep earlier

How to fall asleep in two minutes!

If you are struggling to get to sleep, watch this clip and follow the tips


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