Languages A Level

Why Study Languages?

  • Languages graduates have amongst the lowest unemployment rates
  • Languages are a prestigious subject. They are well regarded by both top universities and employers.
  • A language combined with another discipline (eg: science, engineering or law) will greatly expand both your horizons and your job opportunities.
  • Learning one language is a gateway to being able to acquire others, such as Chinese or Arabic
  • It’s fun, it’s mind-expanding and it’s good for you!

Why choose The Deanery?

  • Classes are small, so teachers are able to provide very individualised learning and focussed attention
  • All classes are taught by well-qualified graduates in the subject
  • Foreign languages classes at AS and A-level in recent years have had results that show very impressive Added Value, compared with both other subjects in college AND nationally.
  • We are able to organise (voluntary) work placements during the summer holidays, for any students wishing to gain experience living and working in a country where the language is spoken.

What could this subject lead to?

The study of Modern Foreign Languages is a valuable addition to anyone wishing to study further at university, whether continuing with languages or following a course in areas as diverse as Engineering, Law, one of the sciences or in the humanities, such as History or Geography.

Professions in which the use of languages is a vital supporting component of the job include diplomacy, law, and many jobs in industry, given the global nature of business today. The worldwide reach of Spanish, the cultural and diplomatic significance of French and the economic pre-eminence of Germany all make these languages well worth having. Languages are a key to some prestigious, well-paid and rewarding jobs! There are also many openings for linguists who are native speakers of English in areas such as translation, interpreting and of course, teaching.



Regardless of your career path, history is looked upon VERY favourably by employers. It shows you have the ability to reason, problem solve, analyse, question and, above all, shows you are a rounded individual