Business A Level

Why Study Business?

A Level Business (AQA) is an increasingly popular choice at ‘A’ level and a wide range of subjects complement the course. Business goes well with Geography, History, Politics, English and Public Services. Whilst studying A Level Business you will gain many transferable skills which will aid you in your further study or future career. These skills include: Data skills you will be expected to manipulate data in a variety of forms and to interpret their results.  Presenting arguments and making judgments & justified recommendations on the basis of the available evidence. Recognising the nature of problems, solving problems and making decisions using appropriate business tools and methods. Planning work, taking into account the demands of the task and the time available to complete it. Conducting research into a specific theme in preparation for one or more tasks. Challenging own assumptions using evidence that has become available.

Why choose The Deanery?

We have a dedicated team of staff who are experienced, passionate about the subject and committed to your success.

You will enhance your skills and understanding of the world of business with use of specialist text books, electronic learning materials, extensive use of the school’s Virtual Learning Environment ‘Frog’, as well as using the media on a weekly basis to help focus on real life business/economic events which will help reinforce and contextualise the business theory we learn in the syllabus.

Under the new AQA specification, last year the subject proved a very popular option with twelve students opting to take AS Business, many of which had studied the subject at GCSE here.  Also the specification we deliver is all exam-based so you have no assignments or coursework to worry about.  Students feel that the location, familiarity and the atmosphere played a big part when choosing this college!

What could this subject lead to?

This ‘A’ Level provides a solid foundation for studying Business related subjects at University.  In the workplace, there a wide range of different careers which this qualification would be a great asset such as:

Human Resource Managers, Public Relations, Communications Officer, Marketing, Retail Management, Advertising, Finance and Accounting, Production and Operations, Office Manager and Purchasing/Buyer.