Will you give the next years of your life to reach young disciples for Christ in Wigan?

Church Wigan is committed to seeing many young people between the ages of 11-29 become difference-making disciples of Jesus. The Head of Youth will lead this supremely important, wonderfully exciting yet deeply challenging Wigan-wide mission. The person who fulfils this role will have to be someone whose leadership is seasoned with godly wisdom and courageous innovation. Above all the post holder will have a history of having helped people, especially young ones, become followers of Christ and believe that the Holy Spirit is calling them to Wigan.

The Head of Youth will be responsible for:

  • Overseeing and developing the mission to young people.
  • Leading a new youth mission team and raising new leaders.
  • Encouraging the multiplication of discipling communities for young people and connecting them through a Wigan-wide gathering.
  • Growing creative partnerships with educational and youth organisations and the people of Church Wigan.
  • Leading innovative and pioneering chaplaincy in a strategically important high school in Wigan.

The post holder will be a significant contributor to the Church Wigan Leadership Team
and the diocesan Next Generation senior team.

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