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Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

Dear Mrs Rowlands and Staff,
I would like to commend your pupils on their excellent behaviour and wonderful spirit during the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition this weekend. As a D of E assessor I have met many groups and must say
that your Year 9’s were the best by far. Although younger than other groups they performed to a higher standard. Their map reading skills, countryside awareness and care for the environment were exemplary.  Once on the camp site they bonded as a group and quickly performed all the tasks, taking time to help each other. I was most impressed by the way they supported a youngster with a painful knee, making sure that he was Ok, chatting to keep his spirits up and never leaving him behind. I found that they treated me with respect and friendliness which made it a pleasure to be with them. These youngsters are truly a credit to themselves, their parents, teachers and the school. They have embraced the ethos of the school and are valuing and making the most of the experiences you offer. 
Ann Mackenzie D of E Assessor  1/7/2017

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